Thursday, January 21, 2010


There I stoodin crossroads
Clock ticking
Time running

Images in disarray
Heart in Pandemonium
Collage of emotions
Creating Chaos within

for OSI

Summer Rain

Scorching heat waves
Unbearable heated thoughts
Mental agitation starts
Mild breeze knocks
Eyeing my gloom
Releases little drops

Regally washing pains
Away from heart
Indurating determination to
Never give up


Glossy Ice rocks
Letting down earth
As they melt
Catastrophically leading to
Irreversible problems for
Earth, time to
Rethink, Act fast

for Acrostic Only


Give us love
Rains the warmth
Appreciates tiny achievements
Nagging sometimes to
Do good things
Patient with pranks
Angels in guise
Rendering their blessings
Earnestly care for
Nothing in return
To make us
Sweet lovable person

for Acrostic Only