Thursday, January 21, 2010


Give us love
Rains the warmth
Appreciates tiny achievements
Nagging sometimes to
Do good things
Patient with pranks
Angels in guise
Rendering their blessings
Earnestly care for
Nothing in return
To make us
Sweet lovable person

for Acrostic Only

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Amity said...

Grandparents are really turning kids to become spoiled brats, isn't it?

You did quite well here!

Meow said...

@Amity.. yep.. they are :) and I love them :) Thank you :)

The Amateur Poet said...

i love my grandparents too. they're the best! :)

Saras said...

Your love for the grand parents is very obvious! Well done.

Meow said...

@Leo & Saras :) thank you :)

Amias said...

As a grandparent I know what you say is so very true. Nice one ... !

Parv Kaushik said...

this was a masterpiece!!

Meow said...

@Amias :) thank you so much :)
@Parv.. dhanks :D