Sunday, February 14, 2010

Golden Moment

Dilapidated space
Losing its identity
In the crowded place
Marching towards darkness

Where a small hole is made
by some passerby
To bring inside the space

Of hope, confidence, trust
The world comes to know
of the ruined space
Conspiring to bring light in darkness

There comes the floodlight
Painting the walls with
Golden moments and
Lovely Memories

P.S. This piece of work is dedicated to two people. For Ganesh, who is light of my life. For Leo, who is light of this blog. This being my 50th post here, I am happy to celebrate the GOLDEN JUBILEE with OSI Prompt for the week GOLD :)

for OSI


Choice within us
to be an optimist
or a pessimist
Result of thoughts
Sown by us


Your mere presence
Gives me confidence
Making my Determination
more indurated

Friday, February 12, 2010


Smiley sun shining
Melodiously chirping birds
Dew drops on grass
Cheery flowers
Reminding of Another Day
As another gift from Almighty 


Ticking clock
Dripping tap
Rhythm of my own breathing
Silence, so deafening

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Single Soul

Enjoying the solace
In a blissful place
Trying to find one’s self
Yet yearning for a companion

for OSI


Ravishing and Vibrant colors
An arc so beautiful
Immaculate gift by GOD
Nature’s feast for eyes
Bringing joy within us
Opening the eyes and
Window to view beauty
Serenity Peace and Happiness