Sunday, February 14, 2010

Golden Moment

Dilapidated space
Losing its identity
In the crowded place
Marching towards darkness

Where a small hole is made
by some passerby
To bring inside the space

Of hope, confidence, trust
The world comes to know
of the ruined space
Conspiring to bring light in darkness

There comes the floodlight
Painting the walls with
Golden moments and
Lovely Memories

P.S. This piece of work is dedicated to two people. For Ganesh, who is light of my life. For Leo, who is light of this blog. This being my 50th post here, I am happy to celebrate the GOLDEN JUBILEE with OSI Prompt for the week GOLD :)

for OSI

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The Amateur Poet said...

happy 50th post Miya! :)

this was just WOW!! :D
lovely wordplay for GOLD.. and one of ur biggest jiggles! :)

love it!

anthonynorth said...

Beautiful words.

Amity said...

Hi Miya;

Ganesh who?

Of course, Leo is a common friend dear, need not ask about him!

Lovely golden post dear!

Happy Valentines, hugs!!!

Happy 5oth post, too!

Sweetest in the Gale said...

This was beautiful...such depth of meaning in your words! Absolutely lovely.

gautami tripathy said...

May you have more celebrations like this!

words broken into tiny pieces

Meow said...

@Sweetest... thank you so much :)
@Gautami... thank you dear :)

SandyCarlson said...

Your poem is very beautiful.

shraddha said...

lovely poem..

template is awsome too.

Tammie Lee said...

sometimes all it takes is a single ray of golden light. Happy 50th!

Tumblewords: said...

Happy Fiftieth post! Golden Moment is an inspiring poem. Very nice.

SOL said...

There's a pleasant warmth in this poem.

Loch Rob said...

I have longed for that small hole in the darkness, allowing the golden rays to come in. And with this light, comes hope.

Meow said...

@sandy.. :) :)
@Shraddha.. thank you :)
@Tammie.. :D
@SOL.. glad that you found warmth :)
@Loch.. yes :) I meant hope by the word light

SatyU said...

Beautiful :)

Congos Sowmi :)

Maddy said...

Let the beautiful golden rays of hope peep thro the hole to bringten your days. Congrats on 50!!

I was reading you other post and forgot these wonderful writings.

John Churchill said...

beautiful template
and augmenting words
maybe youll like what we have to say

John Churchill said...

I just noticed that alot of what you write is in stanzas, ive adopted a simular style or writing,

Heavenly Muse said...

really heart touching...