Thursday, February 11, 2010


Ravishing and Vibrant colors
An arc so beautiful
Immaculate gift by GOD
Nature’s feast for eyes
Bringing joy within us
Opening the eyes and
Window to view beauty
Serenity Peace and Happiness

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Amity said...

What a beautiful rainbow, and yes, life is like a rainbow...:) I remember my rainbow connection blog many months ago...:)

Let's have a rainbow-like life!!!

Miss yah!

Satyu said...

Beautiful dear :)

Meow said...

@Amity... life is a rainbow.. no doubt :D
@Satyu.. dhangyu :D

tia said...

Hello dear, I hope you don't mind but I followed this blog instead of your main blog. This is a beautiful poem, full of vibrance. Your talent for acrostic poetry is simply wonderful. ♥

Meow said...

@tia .. am glad that you are following this blog :) This blog is really close to my heart than the main one :D and thanks for the compliments :) :)

Saras said...

Very nice take on the prompt.

Meow said...

@Saras :) thank you ji :)

The Amateur Poet said...

a really good take! :)
nicely described Meow! :)

Amias said...

Good job Meow.